This web application allows easy look up of tolerance doses for organs at risk

published by AAPM Task group Report 101 for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy.

Radiation Biology related parameters -

a. BED calculator (Biologically Effective Dose)

b. EQD2 calculators (Equivalent dose in 2 Gy Fractions)

are also available and can be used for dose comparisons for different fractionation schedules.

Created for the Radiation Oncology community including Oncologists, planners, physicists and Therapists.

By Karthik Krishnan (karthikmee11@gmail.com), High School student, Irvine, CA.


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Although every effort was made to validate the values against the TG101 table III, the author does not assume

any responsibility for interpretations, inconsistencies, errors or omissions in any or all part of the website/desktop application

All the information and calculations contained in the application is for general guidance only

and does not constitute medical or clinical advice. The results should be independently verified before clinical use